Yijia Jiang is a menswear fashion designer born in Dan Dong Liaoning Provence China. She is the winner of the CFDA Teen vogue competition in 2012. She was seleted as top three menswear in Joe's Black Book Competition in2014. She is the winner on CFDA Scholarship program and Clara Hancox Scholarship Award for menswear in 2014. She is the memeber of the CFDA+ in 2015.


After high school she spent four years studying professional illustration. In 2010, she studied drawing and painting at China Central Academy of Fine Arts. However, she then discovered the fashion program at the China Center Academy of Fine Arts, and she then fell in love with fashion. She was impressed with the hanging fabric, the sounds of cutting fabric, the beautiful lines of drafting, and the draping shapes.


Currently she intern for menswear fashion design at Theory in New York. Because of her previous studies in illustration, her strong sense of vision she is always at the top of her class. Because of her hard work she was offered an internship at 440 Brannana Studio, Patric Ervell and Theory as a fashion design assistant.


Yijia Jiang wants to be a professional fashion designer, that not only makes garments, but also gives garments soul, and makes her costumer enjoy the clothes that they wear. She wants to make her customer feel confident and unique when they put on her clothing. Her design focus' on the details of menswear, they are recut from the classics, changing the proportion and adding innovative details to make the garments wearable, modern and fashionable.